Over the years I've run a number of systems. This page is what I use today.

PC and Laptop

I have a personal Dell XPS 13 laptop running Arch. I really like its combination of portability, performance, Linux compatibility and style. The keyboard isn't bad either!

For work I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon running Debian Testing (the Google standard Linux OS). It's pretty good too, although I dislike the placement of the fn key (which I've since fixed with a BIOS config change).

I'm still using my 8+ year old Desktop system with an old Intel Sandy Bridge i7 CPU. It's running Arch Linux and many packages that make life joyful in the Linux world.

This server runs in Google Cloud and runs Arch Linux too - I moved from Debian as I wanted to live on the bleeding edge!

Home Gadgets

I take my AV semi-seriously. I sport a Sony 65 inch OLED TV connected to a Denon AVR-X2200W amp. I have my favourite gadgets connected, including my Nvidia Shield and PS4. Audio-wise, I have a pair of Tannoy Mercury V speakers, Onkyo surrounds + centre and a Cambridge Audio bass. I find the sound beyond pleasing.

My downstairs has been kept clean by a Roomba vacuum cleaner since 2008. The little guy might be getting old now and bumps in to things, but he's part of the family.

I also have a PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U and N64. I bought the N64 to re-experience retro gaming (remember when you could just jump in to a game without a 10 minute intro after a 30 minute install/patch routine?) GTA V is quite possibly the most fun I've had with a computer game since I left university. I adore the Mass Effect series, anything Elder Scrolls (yet to get in to the online version though) and Grand Theft Auto.

An Amazon Alexa keeps it all tied together, although it has a success rate of about 80%."


I currently use a Google Pixel 2 XL- I'm a big "fandroid". Apps I use most include Fotmob, Firefox and few newsy apps.

Cool Free Software

Here is a list of software that I use on a daily basis and really, really like:

Historical Systems

As of June 2019 I no longer use any Apple systems - their direction isn't aligned with what I think a computer should be (closed ecosystem in particular)


My primary computer today is an Intel i7-3770k running at 4.3Ghz, with 16Gb RAM and an Nvidia GTX 9800Ti graphics card. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard which has great overclocking options and loads of SATA ports. I use a Samsung SSD drive set up as 4Tb fusion drive (with a Seagate 4Tb 7200rpm spinning disk too) as my boot drive and four HDs for various storage needs (including one which runs Windows). Last time I checked I had over 10Tb total storage on my Hackintosh.

I put all this in a Coolermaster HAF X case, which has a stupid number of fans and keeps the overclock cool. I have a Corsair H100 series water cooler on the CPU which I've mounted to the top of the case. In all, things are pretty cool in there!

For more information on how I set this system up, see my guide


I currently use a 15" MacBook Pro with retina as my primary work machine. As I spend a lot of time on the road, I find it perfect for transportation and powerful enough to connect to my home system. I love Mac OS X and genuinely think it is the best operating system on the market, bar none (and yes, I have used Windows 10 and thought it was OK - but if I had to stop using Macs I'd use a GNU/Linux distribution).